My Big Sister Taught Me This Lapdance

Open your legs. Put your hands by your side. No touching.

Inside a small red-lit booth Cade performs the lap dance her older sister used to perform professionally. This intimate exchange between performer and audience explores how we view the naked female body in different contexts. Through the repetition of the dance, the manipulation of our gaze, and the use of interview excerpts, a unique feminist dialogue between two sisters is revealed.

“The performance was first created in 2012, at the beginning of a process working with my older sister to explore our familial relationships and the differences in how each of us embodies sexuality, femininity, and feminism.

Following this, from 2012-2015 we collaborated to create and tour a theatre show together called ‘Sister’, which began with both of us performing the lap dance side by side on stage, dressed identically in wigs, heels and leather underwear. We performed ‘Sister’ for the last time in October 2015.

Having danced next to my sister over fifty times, the return to this performance is an opportunity to chart the journey our bodies have taken together, understand how differently the process of making a show has affected us, and re-discover our relationships at this point.”

***** “Brave, clever, provocative – by an artist to cherish.” Mary Brennan, The Herald, 2nd Oct 2012

Intense, courageous and disarming.” Andrew and Caitlin Webb-Ellis, Month of Performance Art- Berlin

First presented at Arches live in 2012, it has also toured to Calm Down Dear Feminism Festival, Month of Performance Art – Berlin, Circuit Festival in Leicester, Steakhouse Live London, and Beyond Bloodlines at the Cockpit. In 2017 it is part of the International Showcase at Inbetween Time festival, Bristol. 




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