In 2017 I am not going to be touring with my own work quite as much as I have in the previous few years… this is because I am working on a film based on Walking:Holding and also making some new work – watch this space for details.

However, here are a few things coming up that I am involved with…

8th+9th February: Performing in Nic Green’s Cock and Bull at IBT17 in Bristol

10th – 12th February: My Big Sister Taught Me This Lap Dance at IBT17 in Bristol

5th March: Taking part in the Take Me Somewhere Symposium

8th March: Performing in Nic Green’s Cock and Bull at Cambridge Junction

11th March: D.P.C.F. at Take Me Somewhere Sticky at the Glue Factory as part of Take Me Somewhere

16th – 18th March: Performing in Nic Green’s Cock and Bull at The Royal Exchange in Manchester

5th- 9th April: //BUZZCUT// FESTIVAL!!!!